The dosing technology manufacturer is known for its social commitment:  This year ViscoTec has once again come up with something very special. Around ¼ of all ViscoTec employees participated for the first time in a stem cell registration for the DKMS. 10% of the employees are already registered.

DKMS certificate to ViscoTec - for social commitment

DKMS certificate to ViscoTec

The idea for participating in the campaign was born within the company. A survey was launched in which employees were able to vote on the social project to be supported this year. One of the employees suggested the DKMS stem cell donation.

The registration was absolutely uncomplicated and did not take much time. Documents and materials were sent by post. The employees then had the opportunity to register within a period of two days. “Mouth open, chopsticks in, donate!” – the registration works true to the DKMS motto. After the saliva was on the stick, one had to wait only a few minutes until the sticks were packed and sent back to DKMS. To say thank you, the employees received a small gift from the management.

Social commitment even in the future

It is also remarkable that more employees have participated than pre-registered. Many of them are enthusiastic about the campaign and have given positive feedback. ViscoTec as an aspiring company is hiring more and more new employees, and it is quite conceivable that this campaign will be carried out again in a few years and thus more stem cell donors can be won.

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