pumping and dispensing systems

Pumping and Dispensing Systems – About us

Sole UK Distributor for ViscoTec Metering, Mixing, Pumping and Dispensing Systems

At CAPRI SysTec Limited, we help manufacturers find pumping and dispensing systems to meet their single and plural component requirements, but NOT by selling a one-size-fits-all product.

We always take the time to understand your needs and then develop a valid, cost-effective solution utilising ultra-high quality equipment that will stand the test of time.

Our MD, Calvin Priest has been involved with all aspects of pumping, metering and dispensing systems for more than 25 years. During this time hundreds of standard & bespoke systems have been successfully installed utilising equipment from many of the major pumping & metering equipment manufacturers. With almost three decades of experience in the fluid handling industry, CAPRI SysTec Limited is now in a unique position to serve its diverse customer base with products and systems that integrate seamlessly and efficiently into modern manufacturing plants.

CAPRI SysTec is the sole UK distributor for ViscoTec Pumpen-u. Dosiertechnik GmbH, Germany’s leading endless piston dosing systems manufacturer.

ViscoTec Systems are used across all modern manufacturing industries with the main emphasis on automotive, aerospace and electronics. We have particular expertise in the handling of notoriously difficult materials.

So whether your application is a simple grease metering solution, a highly complex multi component metering and mixing requirement or a conveying / filling process associated with food, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics – Be assured we have all the answers.

CAPRI SysTec Limited configures its systems using only top of the range components sourced from European manufacturers. This allows maximum economy and reliability. If a solution is not readily apparent utilising standard components, we will always recommend alternate resources and courses of action.

Pumping and dispensing systems
Pumping and dispensing systems
Pumping and dispensing systems