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Filling of Liquid Powders

Powders in the conventional sense are known as solids. Their classic manufacturing process is called Powder Compaction: Dry powders are compacted with a pounder to form a solid unit (a disc or other form). Finished products are i.e. eye shadow or blush. However, in...

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vipro-DUOMIX With Optimized Mixing Blocks

The static-dynamic mixer vipro-DUOMIX is perfectly suited for compressible, two-component materials – with very different viscosities, extreme mixing ratios and high-pressure sensitivity. The extended version with optimized mixing blocks for low-viscosity, and...

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ViScaFeed for Fully Automated Potting Applications

With ViScaFeed another product complements the ViscoTec portfolio: A material treatment and supplying unit for fully automated applications. Just like the ViScaMix (for manual potting applications), the ViScaFeed comes from Scanmaster in Denmark. Henning Pedersen, CEO...

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Optimized Sealing in Aircraft Production

Protecting the environment while reducing costs. Let us take a look at existing dispensing processes in the aerospace industry: It is only in a few cases that they are state of the art. Dispensing technology, in association with sealing applications in particular, can...

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Cosmetics: Filling Abrasive Pastes

Proper hand washing is one of the big topics this year. More than ever, we are aware that hand washing prevents the transmission of many agents that cause infections. While a simple liquid soap is sufficient for normal hand washing, soaps or pastes for the industrial...

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ViscoTec Donates to the Anna Hospizverein

Last Christmas, ViscoTec once again donated to a regional institution, this time supporting the Anna Hospizverein im Landkreis Mühldorf e.V. with €2,500. Georg Senftl, Managing Director of ViscoTec (left) and Thomas Kitzeder, Managing Director of the Anna Hospizverein...

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