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Automated Management of Different Viscosities

ViscoTec dosing system – inside view endless piston principle Wherever (vibration) energy has to be dissipated – i.e. where components move – dampers are often used to “buffer” this kinetic energy, e.g. using the viscous behaviour of liquids. The best example of the...

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3D printing in zero gravity

The AIMIS-FYT Team A team of students from Munich University of Applied Sciences has successfully applied for the “Fly Your Thesis 2020!” campaign of the European Space Agency ESA. At the beginning of November 2020, experiments in zero gravity will be carried out in...

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ViscoTec as dosing expert

ViscoTec wants to help win the battle against Corona as quickly as possible. For this purpose, we would like to support you with our dosing equipment and our experience, if required. Syringe filling systems for medium to high viscosity fluids and pastes ViscoTec...

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Sushi ingredients on an endless loop

In the automated production of sushi, a pulsation-free, continuous product flow is required. Source: shutterstock Low in calories, rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamin B and minerals – no wonder sushi has been able to defend its reputation as a trend food for a long...

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Fully automated gluing and casting of medical devices

The medical technology industry is growing faster than other industries and is currently experiencing a real change: more and more innovative products are being developed to help patients and relieve the burden on the healthcare system in the long term. The biggest...

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Just the right dosage!

How exactly should laundry detergent be dosed so that the laundry is completely clean, without the environment suffering? Does the dishwasher detergent compartment have to be filled completely in order to achieve streak-free cleanliness? But then it might not be...

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Quality is always the better choice

Good ideas always run the risk of being copied. In some cases, it may be amusing: Towels with large “adidos” print, labels like “Guccy” or “Dolce&Banana”, i.e. forgeries that have gone badly wrong. In other cases, however, it is sometimes threatening if the...

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