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The risk is in the air – modern battery production

Test at ViscoTec’s technical center The mobility revolution is closely linked to the question of which battery technology is sustainable, cost-efficient, and safe enough to be permanently established for electric cars, commercial vehicles, e-bikes or two-wheelers. The...

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New brand Puredyne wins Design Award

Only last year, ViscoTec expanded its portfolio for bioprinting and launched Puredyne, another brand under the umbrella of ViscoTec. The brand’s mission: Precise and repeatable dispensing combined with compact, cool design also works in bioprinting! Now the engineers...

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Automated filling of viscous and chunky snacks for animals

As the Pet Supplies Industry Association published in a press release, the sales figures for the pet food and supplies industry have recently increased significantly compared to previous years: Ready-made pet food alone generated just under €3.5 billion in online...

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Expansion of the management team

Vivek Ghewari und Christophe Lalanne With the succession of managing directors at the parent company, further changes are now also taking place at the subsidiaries. Christophe Lalanne, Branch Manager of ViscoTec France SASU as well as Vivek Ghewari, Branch Manager of...

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Sealing of bipolar plates for fuel cells

Structure of a fuel cell stack The current, worldwide demand for environmentally compatible and efficient mobility brings fuel cell technology back to the forefront of strategic discussions. At the same time, fuel cells and hydrogen promise large potential. Looking at...

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Date Paste – Healthy and Natural

Highly viscous date paste Health awareness among consumers has been growing, and not just since the COVID-19 pandemic. Natural and plant-based foods that have particularly high nutritional value or health-related benefits are very popular. One ingredient that...

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